Please join us in praying for these important requests.  Your prayers help us succeed in the mission God has set before us.

Saturday, July 1 –Pray for the final day of the Sweet Conversations (our Azerbaijani women’s program) video shoot.  If we’re behind schedule, this is the only day we will have to finish any unrecorded scenes or reshoot scenes with technical problems.  We will also shoot musical performances, any marketing segments needed, etc.  Our desire is to finish the shoot and have all the video necessary to produce the new season of the program.

Sunday, July 2 – Pray for GHM to continue proclaiming the Good News to Central Asia and the Middle East through satellite broadcasting of our programs and our training and mentoring of home pastors.  Our desire is to always follow where God is leading and our need is to have the funding necessary to complete His work.

Monday, July 3 – Pray for Umida and her children who are traveling at this time.  Ask God to protect them, provide travel mercies to them, and render their documentation appropriate for every inspection.  May they enjoy this special time and the people with whom they visit.  Our hope is that God will give them safety and allow them to be successful in all their endeavors.

Tuesday, July 4 – Today is Independence Day in the United States of America.  Pray for our nation to continue to be the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave – a Land of Liberty for All and most especially a country where Christians are free to worship our Lord according to our traditions and the Bible.  God bless America.

Wednesday, July 5 – Pray for our special guests from Azerbaijan who are visiting Narmin in Houston, Texas,to expand their cross cultural experience.  We hope for them to have a rich rewarding time and for the safety of everyone involved.  Also lift up the staff and volunteers who will be breaking down from the Sweet Conversations video shoot at The Hope Center in Plano.

Thursday, July 6 – Pray for the Open Your Heart Capacity Campaign, a financial campaign designed to raise funds in order to strengthen our infrastructure and increase our capacity for production, as well as to meet the growing demand for our programming and the supporting activities.  Lift up the meetings being held in various homes to share the message of the campaign.  Ask God for to provide more hosts of these events and to touch the hearts of those who attend to help meet the financial needs of GHM.

Friday, July 7 – Pray our special Azerbaijani friends who will be traveling to New York to for a concert in Brooklyn. We hope for no issues with passports and visas.  Also for the safety of all involved. 

Saturday, July 8 – Pray for a special Azerbaijani concert, being presented today in Brooklyn, New York by our friend, composer and pianist, Tural.  We hope for a good attendance, an enjoyable event and for hearts to be touched by the mission of GHM and the people of Azerbaijan.

Sunday, July 9 – Pray for Turkey and the ever-changing political climate there which is becoming increasingly dangerous for Believers every day.  We hope for their safety, well-being, and continued faith, but also for God to increase the harvest in this troubled nation.

Monday, July 10 – Pray for the churches that support Global Heart Ministries.  We hope for the protection of the churches and their members, the refreshment for their ministers and the mission committees who labor so faithfully. 

Tuesday, July 11 – Pray for the hearts and minds of the people of Kyrgyzstan, one of the countries where our home pastors encourage the hidden churches and there is access to our programming.  Our hope is that the Light of the Gospel will shine bright and bring many more to the Hope of Jesus Christ.

Wednesday, July 12 – Pray for a cooperative initiative between multiple local and international ministries in Central Asia to reach 600,000 children and youth by 2022 to engage them in hidden churches.

Thursday, July 13 – Pray for Narmin, Tarana, Feruza, Umida and Abror, the hosts and co-hosts of our programs.  Lift them up for continued health and well-being, for their preparations for their new seasons and for wisdom as they interact with viewers who contact them through the information provided on their airings.

Friday, July 14 – Pray for Iran, a country with much political upheaval and great persecution for Christians.  In spite of the turmoil and also because of it, people are turning to Christianity in record numbers.  Pray the Spirit will continue to move among these people.

Saturday, July 15 – Pray for viewers to have open and responsive hearts to our new Azerbaijani Children’s Programming which will include a contest for 26 tablets.  Our goal is to create on-the-ground relationships with families to involve them in home churches.

Sunday, July 16 – Pray for Kazakhstan whose people are hungry for the Good News of Jesus Christ to fill the void in their hearts.  Islam and aftermath of the godless Soviet rule has left the population without hope in their lives.  Kazakhstan is one of the countries most open to Christianity in the region and we desire to fully utilize this window of opportunity.

Monday, July 17 – Pray for the Board of Directors of GHM to be encouraged by their endeavors on our behalf and for a continued passion for this ministry.  Also lift up our need for additional members for this incredibly important group. 

Tuesday, July 18 – Pray for the hearts and minds of the people in Azerbaijan, where the Lord has given us great favor by opening doors in the government and by opening the hearts of musicians and artists in the nation to our message.

Wednesday, July 19 – Pray for the wonderful people who volunteer their time and talents with GHM, through Esther’s Friends, Daniel’s Men of Valor, and our regional networks.  We hope for them to be refreshed, to be given new inspiration to continue their efforts for us and for the Lord to raise up new people to join them in their efforts.

Thursday, July 20 – Pray for our Central Asian teaching pastor, whom we call Joseph, as he labors continually to train and mentor house pastors in our target countries.

Friday, July 21 – Pray for Uzbekistan, a country with a new president who is showing signs that he may be willing to open the country up to more Western influences, including Christianity. Uzbekistan is recognized as one of the worst violators of human rights by virtually all human rights groups and this includes the persecution of Christians.  Lift up the people of this country and ask God for their leader to show compassion for them.

Saturday, July 22 – Pray for our satellite broadcast partners to be protected from cyber or physical attacks.  They are the major technological conduit that sends our programs into homes in Central Asia and The Middle East.

Sunday, July 23 – Pray for the hearts and minds of people in countries like China and Afghanistan where those speaking the heart languages of our target countries have migrated.  In many regions they have access to our satellite programming and we hope it will introduce them to the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Monday, July 24 – Pray for our Social Media Heartprint in its role of informing and engaging supporters for our ministry through social media.  Our desire is to glorify God, share the GHM message and inspire others to partner with us to reach The Middle East and Central Asia with the Gospel through satellite broadcasting of the programs we produce. Our Heartprint includes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and a WordPress blog.

Tuesday, July 25 – Pray for The Hope Center where our American staff has its offices, where we do video shoots and where many of our special events occur.  We desire that all the ministries with offices in the building will be protected by our Lord and that each will be led by the Holy Spirit in their efforts to spread the Gospel and help those in need.

Wednesday, July 26 – Pray for the many Believers in Central Asia and the Middle East who have been arrested, detained, and imprisoned in their efforts to further the Good News of Jesus Christ. Also pray that many of them are able to use this opportunity to share their faith with police officers and government officials.

Thursday, July 27 – Pray for the SHAWN movie which is in the final stages of production.  It will bring the compelling story of a life saved by God’s intervention to Farsi speakers in Iran.

Friday, July 28 – Pray for our ministry partners living and working in The Middle East and Central Asia as they deal with the red tape in their governments and for the Holy Spirit to protect them from persecution.

Saturday, July 29 – Pray for the health and well-being of the GHM staff and ministry partners.  Several of our employees, volunteers and board members have chronic health problem that interfere with their work.  We desire, healing, comfort, and strength as God wills.

Sunday, July 30 – Pray for Turkmenistan, a country with severe religious persecution.  Lift up the home pastors and their churches.  Lift up those who have not yet come to know the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and ask that God effectively use GHM to reach every hurting heart.

Monday, July 31st – Pray for the financial needs of GHM.  Summer is traditionally a slow time for donations, but our expenses continue.  We desire for what God provides to be sufficient for our need.