Little Bear Travels to Azerbaijan and Beyond


A Change of Venue

If you were about eight years old and you lived in Uzbekistan, your favorite program might be Hikoyalar Zamini (Story Land) and your favorite character might be Ayipolvon, Strong Puppet Bear. (At GHM we call him, Little Bear, but an Uzbek never would.)  Perhaps your mom likes to watch Shukar Aytayman (I Am Thankful), a women’s talk show, and your dad is a big fan of Hayot Noni (Bread of Life), where men discuss life while cooking special meals.

If you’re an eight year old Azeri, in Azerbaijan or Iran, your mom might watch Sirin Sobat (Sweet Conversations), but if you wanted to enjoy Little Bear, you’d have to know how to understand Uzbek–and we’re working on that.  Little Bear is coming to Azerbaijan!

A Change of Language

The most expensive item in our budget is the production of new episodes.  It takes a huge investment of resources to produce the 13 episode series required by the satellites to broadcast our programming.  The response we get from our audience makes it worthwhile. How can you put a value on hearts being won to the Good News of Jesus Christ?  We can’t, but we only have a limited amount of resources available to us for producing programming.

Much of what is aired on Central Asian and Middle Eastern television is American television shows and movies with subtitles.  Some programs have the native languages dubbed in, but usually the dubbing is quickly and cheaply done and it shows.  The dialog does not match the moving mouths of the speakers.  We’ve all seen foreign films like that. It’s distracting and takes away from the enjoyment of watching.

However, there is a dubbing procedure called lip-synch dubbing that is almost invisible to the audience.  The translation is carefully timed to match the each movement of the mouth.  A video specialist might pick it up immediately, but the casual audience will most likely not even notice.  That’s what we’re using to take  Ayipolvon  (Little Bear) to Azerbaijan.

When we take the message of Christ to unbelievers in Central Asia and the Middle East, we don’t want anything to get in the way of the message.  That’s the reason natives from that part of the world, speaking their own heart languages, host our programs. However, because of the cost of associated with creating new programming, we are taking advantage of lip-synch dubbing to bring Little Bear to Azerbaijani-speaking children.

Rest assured that native Azerbaijani speakers are the ones dubbing in the new language for Little Bear.  In fact, in January we introduced you to Timothy, an Azerbaijani musician who is helping us with this project.

Join Your Heart to Ours

By partnering with Global Heart Ministries in projects like lip-synch dubbing programs, you are helping to fulfill The Great Commission in this generation. Together we can bring the light and the truth of Jesus Christ right into the living rooms of every deceived child, every oppressed woman, and every hurting home. This is our message. This is our call.

We invite you to join this vision as a volunteer, a prayer warrior, or a financial donor.  Contact us today by phone or email.  Let us know how you’d like to partner with us as we reach out to the Most Unreached Regions of the world.


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