Tarana – At Work for the Lord in Azerbaijan

Tarana - Devoted to Leading the Lost to the Lord
Tarana – Devoted to Leading the Lost to the Lord


She Found Us

Here at GHM, we call Tarana Lindsay our secret weapon.  Just like a tornado, she’s unstoppable, but unlike a tornado, which leaves destruction in its wake, Tarana spreads joy, hope, and salvation.

We didn’t find Tarana, she found us.  She wrote to our founder and told him why she needed to be a part of the program we were planning for Azerbaijan.  Of course, we could not resist such passion.

Setting up for an episode of Sweet Conversations
Setting up for an episode of Sweet Conversations with Steve Sharp

Sweet Conversations, our Azerbaijani talk show needed guests for Season Three.  Tarana said she could get Azerbaijani musicians, singers and dancers to come on the program.  She went to Azerbaijan, visited with the Minister of Culture and got permission to use Azerbaijani talent on our programs.  Imagine that in a country where Christianity is barely tolerated and Christians are often persecuted!   Then she went one step further, and as the Muslim guests waited in the green room for their performances to be filmed, Tarana shared the Good News of Jesus Christ with them.

Tarana is also the one who brought Timothy, a Muslim songwriter, to the show to write a new theme song.  Now Timothy and many of his family are bold witnesses for Jesus Christ and Timothy is dubbing our Uzbek programs into Azerbaijani.

Tarana with Sweet Conversation host, Narmin Backus
Tarana with Sweet Conversations host, Narmin Backus between takes

They Find Her

Tarana is relentless in her determination to bring the lost to the Great Shepherd.  Every day she wakes up and begs the Lord to show her someone she can share the Gospel with.  Even before she was co-hosting Sweet Conversations, she used tools like social media and networking to reach hurting people.  She is busy all day, every day, sharing the Good News with anyone who will give her an ear.

Recently, she was surprised to receive a call from a pair of old friends. During the conversation, Tarana discovered her friends were now high level government officials. The friends said they saw Tarana on TV and went to social media to find her.  After a few pleasantries, Tarana discovered her old friends had not called just to share old memories.

The friends were troubled by her religion.  They feared she had gotten involved in some cult.  Tarana assured them she was not caught up in some religion, she had met Jesus Christ and believed in Him.  Tarana told them to keep watching the show and they would understand.

The friends watched and the calls keep coming.  Like the Pharisees of old, the two friends try to catch Tarana up in some faulty theology, but she just keeps sharing the love of Jesus Christ with them.  Please pray with Tarana these old friends of hers will soon come to accept the sacrifice Christ made for them on the Cross.  Then these three ladies can spend eternity chatting about theology together.

Our secret weapon chats with a Sweet Conversations guest
Our secret weapon chats with a Sweet Conversations’ guest

Set Your Heart Aflame

Like Tarana, you can partner with Global Heart Ministries to fulfill the Great Commission in this generation. Together we can bring the light and the truth of Jesus Christ right into the living rooms of every deceived child, every oppressed woman and every hurting home. This is our message. This is our call.

We invite you to join this vision as a volunteer, a prayer warrior or a financial donor.  Contact us today by phone or email.  Let us know how you’d like to partner with us as we reach out to the Most Unreached Regions of the World.



One thought on “Tarana – At Work for the Lord in Azerbaijan

  1. Fatima Ağayeva

    Təranə, çox-çox şadam və Rəbbə şükürlər edirəm. Səni çox istəyirəm və xidmətin üçün dua edirəm. Öpürəm səni.


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