Our New Satellite Partner


A Cause for Celebration

If you are someone in the satellite broadcasting world, then we don’t need to tell you how exciting it is for us to be included on SAT-7 PARS programming, because you already understand their impact in Iran and other areas important to the Persian culture.  If, like most Americans, you have no idea what SAT 7 PARS is, then we’d like to let you know what all the celebration is about.

According to the SAT-7 PARS website, the channel, “broadcasts to millions of Persian-speakers in Iran, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan.”  The site goes on to explain:

Through SAT-7 PARS (“PARS” is a Farsi word referring to Persian culture), Farsi-speaking Christians both within and outside Iran can share their faith with seekers and encourage their fellow believers. The message they bring is both life-giving and life-saving. More than 60 percent of Iran’s 81 million-strong population are under thirty, and many of these young people are so dissatisfied with their society that they turn to drugs or even suicide.”

Co-hosts Narmin and Tarana interview Sweet Conversations guests
Co-hosts Narmin and Tarana interview Sweet Conversations guests

Enter Sweet Conversations

Even if you can appreciate the impact of broadcasting a program on SAT-7 PARS, you might wonder why Sweet Conversations, our Azerbaijani women’s talk show, would be on a Persian satellite channel, when Farsi is the primary language of Iran.  While Farsi is the primary language, it is only one of many spoken there.  As we said in this month’s issue of The Global Heart Beatthe 25 million Azerbaijani-speaking people in Iran outnumber the entire population of Azerbaijan.

By including our program, one of only two known Christian programs created for Azerbaijani-speakers, SAT-7 PARS is reaching out to a significant portion of the Iranian population.  The channel will begin with season 1 in January 2017 and over time will catch up with the other seasons we’ve produced.

Satellite Partners, Our Path to Central Asia and the Middle East

GHM programming is on other satellites in our target regions, like Iran Alive and Mohabat, but SAT-7 PARS is the most powerful voice for Christianity in Iran.  Here are a few facts and figures from their website:

  • “Broadcasts from Eutelsat Hot Bird 13B at 13 degrees East, 10.950 GHz Vertical, covering the Middle East, North Africa, and Europe.
  • Operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!
  • Audience includes people in Iran, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan, and other Persian-speakers spread across Europe and Asia.
  • Launched on 18 December 2006 (although programs carried on other SAT-7 channels from as early as September 2002).
  • Office/studios are located in London, UK | Nicosia, Cyprus | Limassol, Cyprus.”

Our hope is that Sweet Conversations is just the first of the GHM programs which will one day be broadcast on SAT-7 PARS.  Even now, we are working on dubbing programs we’ve already produced (and projects produced by others) into Farsi.  (See the December edition of The Pulse, our monthly e-news for information about Shawn, an exciting video featuring a famous American sports figure.)

Help Reap the Harvest

Fulfilling the Great Commission in this generation.
Fulfilling the Great Commission in this generation.

You can partner with Global Heart Ministries to fulfill The Great Commission in this generation. Together we can bring the light and the truth of Jesus Christ right into the living rooms of every deceived child, every oppressed woman, and every hurting home. This is our message. This is our call.

We invite you to join this vision as a volunteer, a prayer warrior, or a financial donor. Contact us today by phone or email. Let us know how you’d like to partner with us as we reach out to the Most Unreached regions of the world.


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