A Night of Dreams Afterglow


And Then God…

By any measure, A Night of Dreams was a resounding success.  Not that everything went perfectly, of course, but at the end of the night, everything God wanted out of the evening happened.

We’d been working on the event for months, but while it seemed like most things were moving along according to our plans, the small number of reservations had us worried. One week before the event, we actually downsized everything.  We put on our practical hats and looked at things with our human eyes.  We counted the reservations, tailored the scope of the event to fit the number and believed God would bless our efforts – even if the staff and volunteers were going to outnumber the guests.

Then, the floodgates opened.  Our downsized plans had to be up-sized.  We added tables and squeezed in an extra person at each table.  By mid-week, we were re-opening the second conference room to accommodate everyone.  We were thrilled, but we were exhausted!  We’d planned one party over a matter of months.  A week before the event we re-organized it to a much more intimate affair, then God stretched our plans beyond our expectations.

Down to the Wire

Mid-afternoon on Friday before the party

By early Friday afternoon, A Night of Dreams began to take shape, but we had a long way to go.  Preparations went on into the evening. Saturday morning, GHM staffers and volunteers were back in the room, getting lights and sound equipment set up.  At two, more staffers and volunteers came in for the final touches.

At five p.m., members of the Esther’s Friends Good Works Team arrived and gathered for a brief training session.  Almost immediately, guests began to arrive, even though things were not supposed to kick off until six.  A Night of Dreams had begun!

Turkish Delight

Welcome to A Night of Dreams

Volunteers greeted each guest and guided them to the name tag table.  Next stop was a table covered in platters of Turkish Delight, a real Central Asian/Middle Eastern treat.   From there guests were given a program and urged to check out the items on the Silent Auction and other attractions inside the party.

GHM TV Personalities
GHM TV Personalities


As guests enjoyed a variety of entertainments, including a Silent Auction and visits with our TV hosts, our celebrity emcee, Jake Pavelka arrived. After a brief visit with our staff, he stepped up on the stage and kicked off the official activities.  During the evening, our guests enjoyed toe-tapping music, cried over tender testimonies and then opened their hearts and pocketbooks to the pressing needs our ministry serves.  The evening was full of even more surprises, mysteries, and excitement, creating an evening we’ll all remember for a long time.


Share the Overflowing Joy

You can partner with Global Heart Ministries to fulfill The Great Commission in this generation.  Together we can bring the light and the truth of Jesus Christ right into the living rooms of every deceived child, every oppressed woman, and every hurting home. This is our message. This is our call.

We invite you to explore this vision and consider being a volunteer, a prayer warrior, or a financial donor.  Contact us today by phone or email.  Let us know how you’d like to partner with us as we reach out to the Most Unreached Regions of the world.




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